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  • Safe Cylinder Storage Containers

    All of our cylinder containers are made from 1.5mm steel, powder coated in grey (other colours available on request). They are also fitted with protective plastic trim and a removable/washable rubber mat to reduce wear and tear. They are fitted with small rubber feet (bumpstops) to prevent the metal of the container from contacting directly with the ward floors.

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  • Gas cylinder restraints

    We have a range of restraints to accommodate the most widely used medical and industrial gas cylinder sizes – (140mm, 180mm and 230mm). The robust 3mm steel cylinder restraints come with protective trim, fixing holes and chains. We have single, double and quad cylinder restraints which can be fitted in the main gas store area or inside treatment rooms.

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  • Gas Cylinder Storage stalls

    Our Cylinder Stalls are designed to provide safe storage for a range of different sized medical and industrial gas cylinders. The stalls are zinc plated before they are dry powder coated meaning that they can be situated outside if needed. All of our cylinder stalls come with fixing plates to secure them to the ground.

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  • Wheeled Cylinder Container

    The CS9W is fitted with braked castors making it very easy to relocate, even when fully loaded with cylinders. It holds 9 of the small CD size (102mm) cylinders and like our other cylinder containers it has protective plastic trim and a removable/washable rubber mat to reduce wear and tear. Many of our containers can be supplied with castors fitted.

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  • Wall mounted 3 cylinder container

    Some hospitals operate a “clear floor policy” and prefer to have their cylinder storage kept off of the ward floor, these wall mounted containers are the perfect solution. The wall mounted containers WM2 and WM3 are only suitable for CD/D size cylinders, not for E size cylinders. There are four fixing holes to attach the container securely to the wall.

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  • Bespoke BA cylinder stores

    These large (1.6mx1.6m) bespoke cylinder stores were made to store BA kits for a fire training centre. The customer explained what they required and we designed, tested and manufactured the containers to their specification. Please feel free to contact us with your cylinder storage ideas or problems – we are here to help.

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Cylinder Containers

Our medical cylinder containers provide safe storage for various medical gas cylinders. The containers are smart, easy to clean and virtually maintenance free.

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Cylinder Restraints

These restraints are an effective method of tethering the cylinders to prevent them from falling over. We have a large range of cylinder restraints.

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Cylinder Stalls

The stalls can be used with any type of gas cylinder, industrial or medical. We can supply cylinder stalls for (140mm), (180mm) and (230mm) cylinders.

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Bespoke Cyl.Products

As well as our standard medical cylinder containers, stalls and restraints we also design and build a large amount of customer specific storage containers.

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Welcome to Safe Cylinder Storage Ltd

We supply a range of high quality cylinder containers, cylinder restraints and cylinder stalls. Our storage products can reduce the problems associated with medical cylinder storage as they provide a fixed, focal point for staff when cylinders are required for use, as well as a neat solution to the hazards that free-standing cylinders can create for both users and passers-by. Gas cylinders are relatively unstable and heavy, so a falling cylinder could cause serious injury.

Storage Solutions

We supply vets, dentists, ambulance stations and some of the largest NHS Trusts with hospital cylinder storage. We have also worked with medical supply companies to design various cylinder storage systems to be used in their fleet of oxygen cylinder delivery vans.

Safe Cylinder Storage can supply all your gas cylinder storage needs, we provide cylinder containers, cylinder restraints, cylinder stalls and cylinder cages.

Our cylinder storage products can be used to store pub gas cylinders, industrial cylinders as well as medical gas cylinders. 
You can buy now our products online or contact us direct to discuss your requirements.
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